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Intro and a Few Questions

hi everybody! i just joined and wanted to introduce myself/the pups as well as ask a few questions...

i have 3 dogs, the oldest is odie, and two puppies that are brother and sister. i adopted the puppies around the end of june, and they are presently about 7 months old.
this is odie:
(handsome fellow, no?)
below is yoyo, the brother puppy:
and here's yinyin, his sister:

they were all 3 adopted from the same rescue; odie, the oldest is essentially perfect. very relaxed, not aggressive with other dogs, fairly obedient, usually very happy, doesn't destroy stuff, etc.
the pups are thought to be some kind of chihuahua-terrier mix.

yoyo is fairly well-adjusted, pretty mellow but still maintains his puppy energy. he learns fairly quickly and has been my perfect puppy. he gets a little shy and fearful when out of their regular environment, but he doesn't really cause any problems.
his sister on the other hand...has been an uphill battle that i feel i'm finally getting a handle on. she's very fearful, has separation anxiety (not HORRIBLY so, but it's present), and due to always being so afraid, has had a hard time learning. i've been all over the internet and ended up purchasing the puppy whisperer, which has helped quite a bit with both of them, but there's still one thing i'm kind of struggling with.
yinyin barks a lot and it's taken me a while to get her comfortable in the kennel. when she carries on with her barking, i put her in the kennel with a treat to work on. if you've read the puppy whisperer (and i'm sure a few other resources recommend this, too), i leave her in the kennel with a kong stuffed with goodies to keep her occupied. she only gets this treat in the kennel...but she works her way through it so damn fast! last night before bed i stuffed it and put it in the freezer, so when she needs to be kenneled today, i'll be testing out the frozen stuffed kong. has anybody found that freezing it helps considerably? i'm almost tempted to get her a bigger kong but at the same time, i don't want her eating THAT MUCH MORE, lol. it seems like kind of a catch 22- she's supposed to be expending all of this energy while cooped up in the kennel by working through the kong, but she's working toward more treats/calories/energy. has anybody after a time, been able to leave the dog with just something chewy and they didn't need the treats? i'm trying to get her to associate the kennel with special toys and treats, but i don't want to have to continue to feed her all kinds of goodies. i don't think her waistline or my wallet can afford that. so any recommendations would be great.

other than that, they have some ongoing socialization they need. it's a little difficult to get them out because i live in socal in a desert, and it's still fairly hot down here. when i take the pups to the dog park i try to give them the rewards when they interact with the other dogs positively. does anybody have any other tips or suggestions aside from the basics?

thanks to all in advance and i'm glad to be a part of this comm :)
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