jamie28 (jamie28) wrote in puppy_dogs,

people piss me off

my neighbor's little dog is outside in the heat with no water. who knows how long she had been out there. i took her a bucked of cold water, and while she would not touch it as long as i was there as soon as i backed off she practically swam in it. (like most of the mid-west we have an extreme heat advisory). if they have not taken her inside in half an hour or so i am going to bring her into my house. it's ridiculous to expect the poor girl to be out in this.

i doubt it this is my neighbor's doing. she does not appear to be home, but her son's truck is there. i suspect that he is over there for whatever reason and just doesn't want to mess with the dog. i am going to talk to the neighbor when she gets home. i have a feeling she will be just as pissed about this as i am.
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